IJL IDEAL PLENARY MEETING, 21-22 February 2024

Wednesday 21 February 2024

(Mamanguape Campus, UFPB Campus IV & online) 


9h00 – 9h15 (14h-14h15 French time) – Welcoming speech & presentation of the 2 days program  

Rafael L. G. Raimundo (UFPB)

9h15 – 9h55 (14h15-14h55 French time) – Recap of the year 2023 with IJL IDEAL main accomplishments and next initiatives
Rafael L. G. Raimundo (UFPB)

Laure Berti-Equille (IRD)

9h55 – 10h20 (14h55-15h20 French time)

Ceará Study Case: Local Water Management & Governance by FUNCEME 

Leticia de Freitas Vieira (FUNCEME)
Renan Vieira Rocha (FUNCEME)

10h20 – 10h40 (15h20-15h40 French time) – Coffee break 

10h40 – 11h50 (15h40-16h50 French time) – Review of IDEAL Case Studies   (part 2)

Paraiba Study Case: The Northern Atlantic Forest Agroecological Corridor
Nadjacleia Vilar Almeida (UFPB)

  • Discussions about the study cases progress inline with coviability (35 mn) with Olivier Barrière’s feedback

12h – 14h (17h-19h French time) – Intervalo para o almoço

14h – 14h30 (19h-19h30 French time) – IDEAL Coviability Game: Presentation & Exchange about the Game Design

14h30 – 17h (19h30-22h French time) – Data science & AI Research in IDEAL 

Joris Guérin:
Automating visual data collection and processing in Coral Reefs: A Brazilian Northeast case study’

Marcus de Carvalho:
“Data infrastructure supporting research within the IDEAL IJL”

Guilherme Ataide Dias: Scientific Data Infrastructure and Outreach in the IDEAL Realm”

Laure Berti Equille
 Learning from small data in Ecology

17h – 17h15 – 
(22h -22h15 French time) Closing Remarks


Thursday 22 February 2024

Field trip to IDEAL study sites in Paraíba